Don’t Ignore Sinus Pain

May 24, 2019 by Misty Fry

Sinus pain can debilitate depending on how severe and how often a person is affected with sinus related health problems.  Sinus pain can be in your face, your temple, behind your eyes, and sometimes, pain can be felt in your upper jaw in the gum area.  Pressure and pain can cause vision-related problems and make daily activities trying.

Your sinuses are cavities of air located in different areas in your face.  Where is your sinus located?  Your maxillary sinuses are the largest and are near your cheekbones.  The low center of your forehead is where the frontal sinus is located and between your eyes are the ethmoid sinus.  In the bones behind your nose is the sphenoid sinus.

When the sinus region of the respiratory system is inflamed, it is called sinusitis.  Infection can also result in the inflammation from a virus, bacteria, or allergies.  A cold or viral infection can resolve on its own most times.  Other times, the cold can turn into a sinus infection from an overgrowth of bacteria.  If a bacterial infection causes inflammation, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics.  However, there are some stubborn cases of chronic sinusitis.  Don’t ignore sinus pain that goes on for several months.

When to call the doctor?

If sinusitis symptoms do not improve or worsen, you need to contact your doctor for:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Change in vision
  • Swollen eye socket
  • Neck stiffness
  • Severe sore throat
  • Yellow or green mucus and discharge.

Short-Term Remedies

There are some home remedies you can do to help relieve your short-term symptoms:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid dry environments
  • Keep a humidifier in your home to use when needed.
  • Stay hydrated.

Don’t Ignore Sinus Pain

If you are still suffering for longer than three months, you may have chronic sinusitis that will require more treatment from your doctor.  This chronic condition is still difficult to treat; However, there are some methods to help ease symptoms.   In severe cases left untreated, having an ongoing sinus infection can cause it to spread to the brain or eyes.  If an infection that goes undiagnosed or does not resolve on its own in the rear center of one’s head can spread to the brain leading to meningitis or brain abscess.

Other Causes

For some, sinus care is ongoing and not seasonally as it may be for others.  If your symptoms are every so often, here are some tips.

  • Have your allergies checked.
  • If 10 days pass and you still have sinus-related symptoms, make an appointment to see your doctor and let them swab the inside of your nose to make sure there isn’t a bacterial infection.
  • Over-the-counter medicines such as Mucinex may help.
  • Check into nose sprays.

If you are suffering with chronic sinus pain, do not ignore it.  Reach out to your doctor to make sure that there are no other underlying causes of your condition.  If allergies are the main culprit, discuss this and find out what other treatment options are available to you.

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